Travel Insurance for Albertans

Emergency Hospital & Medical Insurance for Albertans traveling abroad

Long stays abroad are meant to be enjoyed. But if a sudden medical emergency should happen, know that you’re protected with Travel Insurance for Albertans Abroad.  Travel insurance for Albertans can help you feel connected, even if you’re far away, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your experience.

*Ideal for Canadians in Alberta traveling abroad for a year requiring health and medical coverage.*

For students studying abroad, click here.

When travelling outside of Canada, health care costs can be expensive. Travel insurance can help protect you from unexpected and steep costs due to a medical emergency while living/working abroad for an extended period.

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Who is Travel Insurance for Albertans ideal for?

Ideal for Canadians in Alberta working and living abroad requiring health and medical coverage.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to $10 million in emergency medical coverage
  • 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world
  • Comprehensive protection against unexpected costs due to sickness or injury while travelling for extended periods
  • Continued coverage when you return home until your government health insurance plan takes effect
  • Standard, Enhanced and Deluxe options help you get the right level of coverage for your needs
  • Coverage available for maternity and new-born care • Emergency return home for Canadian government travel advisories

Scenarios and Examples – Why You Need Travel Insurance Outside of Canada

On Jason and Brenda’s vacation in Mexico, Jason was injured in a paragliding accident. He was sent to the nearest hospital for emergency surgery. After surgery, he needed to return home. Since he had to cut his trip short, he also lost a good portion of his pre-paid trip costs.

Emergency hospital and interruption benefits: $69,800 USD

All-inclusive package plan: $105 CAD

Travel Insurance for Canadians - Paragliding

Government healthcare plans do not cover many incidenst outside of your home province, for example an ambulance ride and out-of pocket expenses.

While Margaret was visiting her son in British Columbia from Ontario for one month, she started feeling intense pain in her stomach. A CT scan showed she needed emergency surgery to remove a bowel obstruction.

Medical emergency cost: $12,289 CAD

Emergency Hospital & Medical plan: $151 CAD

travel insurance for canadians - stomach pain

70 year-old Linda was visiting her sister in Florida for a month when she fell down some stairs and fractured her hip. Linda required immediate surgery and several days of acute rehab before being discharged.

Medical emergency cost: $104,944 USD

Emergency Hospital & Medical plan: $154 CAD

Jason, Margaret, and Linda’s bills were all covered in full with travel insurance.

Travel insurance for canadians - hospital

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