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Visitors to Alberta Travel Insurance

An extended Canadian stay is supposed to be enjoyed. But if an unexpected medical emergency should happen, it could cost visitors up to thousands of dollars per day for medical advice and treatment. Visitors to Alberta travel insurance can help relieve that financial burden, allowing visitors to focus on what matters most – their experience.

*This travel insurance is suited for those staying for a year in the province of Alberta.*

Health care costs outside of your home country can turn out to be very expensive. In Canada, hospitals can charge thousands of dollars per day, with many charging a non-resident fee. Travel insurance can help protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency during your stay in Canada.

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Who is Visitors to Alberta Travel Insurance Ideal For?

  • Visitors to Alberta, Canada
  • Super Visa applicants
  • Landed immigrants and returning Canadians/Albertans waiting for Government Health Insurance Plan coverage looking for emergency-only coverage

Features and Benefits

  • $10,000 to $300,000 in emergency hospital and medical care
  • Coverage for out-of-pocket expenses, including accommodations and meals, childcare costs, essential telephone calls and taxi fares
  • Coverage for trips outside of Canada when the majority of your stay is in Canada
  • Allows you to visit your country of origin and resume your coverage when you return to Canada without having to reapply for a new policy
  • Medical underwriting is optional

Scenarios and Examples – Why You Need Travel Insurance Visiting Canada

 Xue, a 28-year-old from Hong Kong came to Canada to live in Alberta for a year. One night, a food allergy caused a visit to the emergency room and an overnight stay in the hospital.

Medical costs: $4,300

Travel insurance cost: $238.50


Travel Insurance for Canada - Food Allergy

Carla, a 63-year old from Spain was babysitting her grandchildren for a year on a Super Visa when she suddenly felt pain in her chest. After being admitted to the nearest hospital, she was diagnosed with a heart attack.

Medical costs: $37,000

Travel insurance cost: $2,273.95

Heart Attack

Two days after arriving for her year long trip to Edmonton, Hani was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection.

Medical costs: $1,200

Travel insurance cost: $373.80

Xue, Hani and Carlos’ bills were all covered in full with travel insurance.
Student Travel Insurance - Bladder Infection

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