International Student Insurance

For international students studying in Alberta, Canada

While studying in Canada (Alberta), government health care plans may not be available to you. Without it, health care costs can be very expensive. An International Students to Alberta Travel insurance policy can help you stay protected and safeguard your finances.

When travelling outside of Canada, health care costs can be very expensive. Buy travel insurance to help protect you from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency while living/working abroad for an extended period.

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Who is Student Travel Insurance to Alberta, Canada ideal for?

Ideal for international students to Alberta, Canada who:

  • Are registered full-time in a Canadian school, college, university or accredited educational institution
  • Are temporary residents of Canada without any government health care coverage
  • Have completed their studies and remain in Canada up to a year afterwards to work in the field of their studies
  • Would like coverage under their policy for their spouse and dependents living with them

Features and Benefits

  • Affordable all-in-one hospital, medical and extended health care solution
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions is available under the Standard + 90 days stable pre-ex Option
  • Costs incurred outside of Canada are covered provided the majority of the period of coverage is spent in Canada
  • Trips to the United States are limited to 30 days per period of coverage

Scenarios and Examples – Why You Need Student Travel Insurance in Canada

While Braydon was studying abroad at the University of Calgary, he got badly sick. On his visit to the doctors, he found out he had strep throat and needed antibiotics to get better. His insurance covered both the doctor appointment as well as the medication.

International Student Travel Insurance - Sick Student

Amanda was studying abroad at Mount Royal University. While she was there she got a urinary tract infection and needed medication. Her student travel insurance covered the cost of visiting the doctor and the prescribed medication as well. 

Student Travel Insurance - Bladder Infection

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