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At Collis Insurance we keep your business’s best interest as our top priority.
First and Always.

At Collis Insurance our brokers work does not stop once we bind your insurance policies. We are committed to providing top notch service year-round – including personalized risk advice, contract reviews, and claims support. All based on your business’ needs! We are here for you.

Keep reading to discover the additional services and perks of choosing us as your trusted risk and insurance partner:

Customized Insurance Broker and Risk Management Assistance

Our brokers take time to conduct a personalized review of your business and risk exposures. We help identify types of claims and risk management techniques that can be implemented within your business as well as assist to transfer your business’ larger risk exposures to  insurance products. Our brokers balance price with comprehensive products – to provide you with a range of competitive quotes and coverage options. We make the insurance process as simple and stress-free as possible!

Ongoing Insurance Review and Revisions

As your business grows, insurance needs typically change as well. We like to review how business is going with you annually – or throughout the year as you make changes – to make sure your coverage remains suitable.  We will let you know what kind of changes warrant a review of your business insurance policies so you’re not left in the dark. Rest easy knowing your business is protected at every stage as your business evolves.

Ongoing Contractual Reviews

Contractual risks exist in virtually every business document. Our insurance brokers can help examine the contract language from a risk management and insurance perspective to help make sure you are aware of the liability you’re assuming, what is covered by insurance and what you are assuming within your business. Through a contractual review of the Insurance and Indemnity provisions, our brokers help you understand contractual issues (ideally before you sign them) and provide solutions and strategies to prevent a claim from occurring. Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that we are in your corner.

Claims Support

If you need to file an insurance claim, our brokers are on your side to support you through the process when needed. Our brokers are exceptionally experienced with the claims process. We guide you in the right direction with what needs to be done – saving you time so you can get back to running your business as usual.

24/7 Web Portal Access & Certificate Issuing

 Access your company’s insurance related documents whenever and wherever you need straight from your mobile device or computer. This includes the ability to issue your own certificates and pink cards, order changes, up-to-date schedules and upload documents. Quick and easy!

Administration Fees Disclosure

At Collis Insurance, our goal is to provide you with top quality insurance coverage that’s right for your business, balanced with price superior services (indicated above).

In a lot of cases, broker compensation includes commissions built within your insurance premium(s), paid by the insurers. The various insurers that we partner with have different compensation levels, ranging from 0 – 20% of the premium, depending on the specific type of policy and insurance company / specialty market. Additionally, as all clients are different, the advisory service levels needed on different policies differ from business to business as well.

Based on all of this information, Collis Insurance may charge additional non-refundable administration fee(s) which, in combination with commissions received, allow us to sufficiently service your account at the service levels and value desired.*

For example:

– When dealing with a specialty insurer is the best option for your company, where commission compensation is reduced (or not included at all) within the premiums charged, we will charge non-refundable administration fees to help cover our time to set up and service your policy through the year.

– With premiums starting as low as $100.00 annual, commission compensation cannot always reflect the work needed to provide you with quotes, arranging coverage, answering questions, handling the paperwork and providing ongoing services for your insurance needs for the year.

– To provide additional ongoing value-added services (eg. arrange premium financing on your behalf, ongoing contractual reviews and discussions/written responses on the insurance provisions of your contracts, certificate issuances, etc.).

*Where administration fee(s) are being charged, these fees will be fully disclosed in writing to our valued clients. 

Still thinking about it? Hear what our clients have to say:

Kevin Neth - PODS Mobile Storage of Calgary


PODS Mobile Storage of Calgary “Andrea and her staff at Collis have made themselves a valuable addition to our team. With dedication to finding the right insurance for our unique needs  and an always friendly attitude, Andrea is a gem. Whether it is a quick question or claim assistance, calls are returned swiftly and with the information we need. We appreciate all they  do for us.”



OPERATION EYESIGHT UNIVERSAL “There are many reasons I have placed policies with Collis Insurance. Here are a few:

  • Level of service
  • Responsiveness
  • Level of understanding of our business
  • Personal touch and continuity
  • Education: provided clarity as to the differences between insurance companies’ coverage which assisted us in our decision as to which company would provide the required coverage
  • Comparative shopping: Andrea knows her industry and takes the time to shop around for the best policy coverage at an affordable rate for the coverage provided.”

Allen Radomski B.Arch. B.A.(Economics) - AMR Designworks Ltd.


AMR Designworks Ltd. “I enjoy doing business with Collis Insurance because they give me the confidence that they have my best interests in mind. They take the time to understand the uniqueness of my business and are able to compare and translate insurance items in a language I understand. Andrea’s strength is as a broker who researches and understands the nuances of the policies and is able to advise me as versus just sell me .”

Carol & Don Hartwick - ControSoft Inc.


ControSoft Inc. “ControSoft Inc. would like to recommend Andrea Collis of Collis Insurance Group Inc. for the excellent service she provided. She listened to our corporate insurance requirements, explained anything we questioned or didn’t understand, and matched our needs to an underwriter that more than met our expectations in coverage and price. Excellent work Andrea!”

Kevin Okabe, Past President - Calgary Japanese Community Association


Calgary Japanese Community Association “Andrea has been handling our insurance requirements since 2000. We have grown and changed significantly since that time, and Andrea has been fully able to satisfy our growing and diverse insurance needs and requirements. She is very quick and responsive each time we call upon her, and I can highly recommend her services to anyone looking to fulfill their insurance needs.”

Patti Morris Executive Director - Wellspring Calgary


Wellspring Calgary As a new charity, Wellspring Calgary was delighted to learn about Andrea Collis and her special knowledge of insurance for charities and non-profit organizations. We could not be more satisfied with the service we have received since our initial meeting. Andrea took the time to understand our preliminary and changing needs. She sought out a variety of quotes and helped us to understand the merits of each. In the end, we were able to access insurance that met our needs at a reduced rate. We also have an agent who knows our organization and is responsive beyond our highest expectations with respect to every question we have. I would strongly recommend Andrea to any like-organization.

Gary Ursu, President - Forest Heights Community Association


Forest Heights Community Association “We switched to Andrea as our Broker in 2005. She came out and met with me, helped identify what our risks were and then tailored our insurance policy to what we actually wanted and needed. The net result was a cost savings of over 30% per year. I would definitely refer Andrea’s to other Communities… “


Divona Herzog - Herzog Associates


Herzog Associates “I trust Andrea. I have learned a lot about what type and how much insurance I need by dealing with Collis Insurance. She takes the time to understand my business and my insurance needs. I really get the sense that Andrea has my best interest in mind and that she leaves no stone unturned to find me the best deal possible.”


Cause & Effect Foundation


Cause & Effect Foundation “Insurance coverage has been an area of our Foundation that was badly neglected by our previous provider and your due diligence and patience in carefully accessing our needs was commendable. We especially appreciated the time you took to teach us about our insurance and the reasons why we should have it. It is not an area we are knowledgeable in and we have never had anyone explain things to us as effectively as you did.

Collis has provided our Not for Profit Foundation with more extensive coverage for less money than we were paying previously. This means a great deal to us. You have given us the confidence to move forward, with Collis as our provider, knowing that you will take care of our company so that we can do our jobs without having to worry about this area any more.”




Relationship Driven

At Collis, we are in it with you for the long run!  We constantly strive to exceed your expectations. With us, we hope you’ll never feel ignored or overlooked, only cared for and valued as a business partner.

Tailored to Your Needs

Your business is unique and deserves customized insurance policies that complement and protect it! Part of creating a relationship comes with understanding and in some cases even anticipating your needs. As experienced insurance brokers, that is something that we strive towards! 

Vested Interest In Your Success

What does success mean to Collis Insurance? It means seeing you, our clients, succeed! When you succeed – we succeed!  We know that providing you with the right insurance contributes to your business’s long-term success and prosperity.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we get you! We truly understand all the hard work it takes to keep a business afloat. Likewise, we share your passion, ambition, and drive to succeed!

How Can You Get Started?

How do you like to do business?  In today’s busy, adapting world, we are happy to handle your insurance needs your way.

Prefer to sit down together with a coffee to discuss and identify the risk exposures specific to your business? Perfect – we would be happy to discuss in person or virtually!

Rather start the process with a phone call or email? Great! Just let us know how you want to begin the discussion – we can figure the rest out together from there.

 Like to fill your paperwork out or even buy insurance online? Want access to your insurance documents 24/7 ? We have the technology capabilities to do all that as well!  We support our clients in how they want to do business!   



How to Reach Us:

Phone:       403-COLLIS5 / 403-265-5475

Fax:           403-236-2491

Email:        info@collisinsurance.ca

Address: 4511 Glenmore Trail SE, #75 Calgary AB T2C 2R9 

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