Photography Insurance

Photography insurance protects photographers, against the risks related to providing photography services to your clients.  You also want to protect your studio and photography equipment against loss.  Our online Photographer insurance package is designed for individual photographers or companies, studios and employees.  

Our commercial photographer’s insurance package offers key insurance coverages you need to feel secure and continue capturing your clients’ best moments.

  • Professional Liability Insurance for Photographers (Errors & Omissions) – Included
  • General Liability Insurance for Photographers – Optional
  • Photography Equipment Insurance (Contents) – Optional
  • Legal Advice Phone Line – Included
  • Privacy & Security Breach Service – Optional

These policies are designed to be more economical due to less personnel handling being required. Please type your information carefully in the application. Once a policy is purchased online, any changes needed will result in extra administration charges for processing.


Coverage Amounts (Limit Options)

Limit/Coverage Amount–  the highest amount the insurer will pay in the case of a claim. 
Premium – the starting amount you would pay to cover your risk. 

Photography Insurance Coverages

Professional Liability Insurance for Photographers – Included

Professional liability protects photographers and companies from losing tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in the case of a claim. Clients can sue for a variety of reasons in which professional liability insurance can help cover the costs.

For example, imagine after a photoshoot for an event you accidentally misplace a memory card and can no longer access the photos from the event. The client then sues you for failure to deliver your service properly. With professional liability insurance, your business is protected from allegations of errors in your work, including the legal fees.  


Various Photography equipment representing what can be saved by having photography insurance and equipment coverage

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Photographers – Optional (But shouldn’t be!) 

Commercial Liability is a company’s main operating insurance.  As a photographer, it is important to protect your business against risks that may be outside of your control. General Liability insurance covers potential losses due to a third party’s injury to self or damage to their property due to your actual or alleged negligence.

Imagine a client comes in for a photoshoot, trips on a cable or the lighting stand, and injures themselves. Or that your lighting equipment falls over and either burns your client – or damages another party’s vehicle while working on-site. These are actual losses we have seen…  In both instances, general liability can assist to cover allegations of negligence, medical costs, and/or damage to someone else’s physical property


Contents & Photography Equipment Insurance – Optional

Photographers may have a number of different types of property to protect.

1. Contents that remain at your premises or improvements to the studio
2. Portable equipment that you take off-premises with you

When you choose to insure contents coverage, the wording also comes with $10,000 portable equipment. You also have an option to add higher portable equipment limits, starting at an additional $150 annually.

Whether shooting on-site or off-site, in the case of robbery, theft from a vehicle, or unforeseen events, equipment insurance provides protection to replace or repair your content, leasehold improvements, or photography and lighting equipment. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen more often than you think. Since photography and computer equipment is expensive, it’s important to choose a coverage limit that covers your assets.

Various Photography equipment representing what can be saved by having photography insurance and equipment coverage

Legal Advice Phone Line – Included

This automatically included legal advice phone line allows you to call and get free advice throughout the year. Concerned about an incident that happened at a shoot? Thinking about laying off a staff member? A client contacted you about being unhappy with the photos from their “big day”?  Whether your questions / concerns are big or small, access to free legal advice can give you the security to react when needed and continue to focus on doing what you do best! 

Privacy & Security Breach Service – Optional

Privacy and security breach services assist you in case your laptop is stolen or someone hacks into your system and gains access to sensitive information. This could include photographs that could harm your client’s career, break copyright, or your client’s payment details. In these unfortunate events, a group of experts will quickly develop a breach response strategy and incident management plan. This service mitigates the harsh and realistic impacts of a breach on your business. 

The services include the following:

  • Breach Counseling – Help determine whether a breach has occurred and assess the severity of the incident
  • Crisis Management – Time-saving professional service in handling a breach
  • Media Relations Consulting – Public relations assistance to help restore your business’ reputation
  • Legal Support – Documentation of steps taken and remediation services provided

Please Note: This is not a full Cyber legal liability wording. For full coverage, please click here: Cyber Liability

* All insurance coverage described is intended to be general in nature and subject to the applicable insurer’s specific policy wording, terms, conditions and exclusions.  

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