Tenant Insurance

This insurance product is for single families or up to 2 roommates sharing a living space. It also covers limit choices for jewelry, computers, and pets. It’s likely that your landlord’s coverage doesn’t extend to a renter’s belongings. If the building were to catch fire and your belongings destroyed, renters insurance would help pay to replace those losses.

  • Personal Property – Included / Higher Limits available (Recommended)
  • Additional Living Expenses – Included/Higher Limits Available  (Recommended)
  • Personal Liability – Included

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These policies are designed to be more economical due to less personnel handling being required. Once a policy is purchased online, any changes needed will result in extra administration charges for processing. Please type your information in the application carefully.

Tenant Insurance Coverage Amounts (Limit Options)

The following are the specific limit options available to you, depending on the coverage(s) you choose to purchase. 

Tenant Insurance Coverages

Personal Property – Included

This policy pays to repair or replace your belongings after a covered loss, such as theft or fire. Examples of personal property includes home appliances, clothing, and furniture. There are also included limits for jewelry, computers, and pets. It is recommended you choose a coverage amount that will be sufficient enough to replace all your belongings. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Additional Living Expenses – Included and Optional Limits

 If a fire or theft were to cause your house to become uninhabitable for a period of time, additional living expenses cover your losses. Additional living expenses pays for extra costs to live while your house is uninhabitable due to an insured loss. Expenses include additional rent for a temporary location, hotels stays, restaurant meals, storage fees, and more.

Personal Liability – Included

Personal Liability insurance not only protects you if you are held responsible for a property damage or bodily injuries at home, but also covers you off premises and when you are traveling worldwide in many situations. This coverage also protects you if you or members of your family do sports, and may cause injury to others unintentionally.

* All insurance coverage described is intended to be general in nature and subject to the applicable insurer’s specific policy wording, terms, conditions and exclusions.  

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