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Professional Liability

For Financial Business, Management, Media/Marketing, Consulting, and Miscellaneous Professionals
Our online professional liability insurance is designed for individual professionals or businesses with employees. You can choose professional liability alone or with additional general liability, property coverage, and cyber liability to fit your business needs. Protect your business,  reputation, and physical and intellectual assets today.

  • Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) – Included
  • Commercial General Liability – Optional
  • Property Coverage – Optional
  • Privacy & Security Breach Coverage – Optional

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These policies are designed to be more economical due to Broker handling not being involved.  Please enter your information in the application carefully. 
Once a policy is purchased online, extra charges apply for required changes, certificates, and need for Broker services.




    Eligible Occupations

    Financial, Business and Management Professionals
    • Accountant (No Audit)  
    • Bookkeeper  (No Audit)
    • Business Process Re-Engineering Company
    • Development and Planning Services 
    • Finance and Accounting  (No Audit) 
    • Human Resources Director 
    • Management Accountant  (No Audit or M&A) 
    • Personnel Management & Selection Services
    • Regulatory Reporting Services  
    • Tax Preparer (No Audit)  
    Media & Marketing Professionals
    • Advertising Services 
    • Brand Consultant 
    • Copy Writer 
    • Corporate Identity Consultant  
    • Editor  
    • Market Researcher  
    • Marketing Consultant  
    • Media Buyer   
    • Promotion Services 
    • Website Marketing  
    Consulting Professionals
    • Access Consultant  
    • Acoustic Consultant  
    • Business and Management Consultant  
    • Business Analyst  
    • Business Process Re-Engineering Consultant  
    • Career Advisor 
    • Change Management Consultant  
    • Document Preparer  
    • Resume Consultant  
    • Data Analyst  
    • Education Consultant  
    • Employment Consultant (No Placements)  
    • Feng Shui Consultant  
    • Fundraising Consultant  
    • Higher Education Consultant  
    • Hotel and Catering Consultant  
    • Human Resources Consultant  
    • Image Consultant  
    • Language Consultant  
    • Life/Career/Executive Coach  
    • Management Consultant (No M&A)  
    • Management Training 
    • Marketing and Advertising Consultant  
    • Market Researcher  
    • Occupational Health Consultant  
    • Personnel Consultant  
    • Public Relations Consultant  
    • Research Consultant  
    • Sales/Marketing/PR Consultant 
    • Telecommunications Consultant  
    • Training Consultant 


    Miscellaneous Professionals
    • Alternate Dispute Resolution Services  
    • Arbitrator  
    • Background Check Services  
    • Call Centre  
    • Court Reporter  
    • Escrow Agent 
    • Expert Witness  
    • Forensic Experts   
    • Inbound Telephone Services  
    • Loss Adjuster  
    • Mediator  
    • Meeting Planner
    • Music Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Outbound Telephone Services
    • Payroll Processor (non-tech) 
    • Personal Assistant  
    • Personal Concierge 
    • Personal Counsellor  
    • Photographer  
    • Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”)  
    • Proof Reader  
    • Referral Services 
    • Social Worker
    • Speech Therapist
    • Statistics  
    • Technical Author  
    • Telemarketer  
    • Theologist  
    • Title Searcher  
    • Tutor  
    • Transcriber  
    • Translator

    Coverage Amounts (Limit Options)

    The following are the specific limit options available as a part of the package, depending on the coverage(s) you choose to purchase.

    Limit/Coverage Amount – Highest amount the insurer will pay in the case of a claim.


    Professional Liability – Required

    Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions insurance – covers you and your business from claims of negligence in your services, or the failure to render professional services. The policy covers your legal defense costs even if the claim is frivolous or you haven’t actually done anything wrong. This coverage also includes corporate brand protection and supplemental payments.

    For media professionals, professional liability also protects you from allegations of copyright infringement. For example, if someone alleges using music or photos on a site without proper rights. 

    For accountants, professional liability can come in handy for many scenarios. For example negligence with calculation errors, missing forms or deadlines, and errors on client’s tax returns or financial statements.

    Risks vary depending on the type of consultant. Mix-ups between accounts, missed deadlines, and suggesting a particular product to a client that doesn’t work, or a strategy, or course of action that doesn’t go as planned.

    For social workers, administration errors, mixing up files, or giving professional opinions that cause unintended consequences can be blamed on you.

    Professional Liability covers simple mistake that business professionals could make. Image shows 1 + 1 = 3.

    Commercial General Liability – Optional

    A Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy is what we would call your business’s main operating liability.  A CGL protects you from claims of a third party’s injury to either themselves or their property, because of your business’s operations in some way. Professional and general liability policies work hand in hand to help your business through a costly situation, whether the accusation is unfounded or not.

    The most common Bodily Injury example would be a slip and fall in the parking lot while a client was coming to see you. A property damage example could be as simple as spilling your coffee on someone’s laptop, causing the laptop to be destroyed. 

    When you have a contract with a client, General Liability is what is typically asked for contractually. However, when you are a Professional, the CGL loss exposures are less likely than the Professional Liability risks. 

      Property Coverage – Optional

      Most business professionals have property of some type, whether that it is a computer, office furniture, electronics, equipment, tenant improvements, or stock and inventory. Loss or damage of these property and business assets (in whole or in part) due to a fire or theft has negative impacts on the business and can cause:

      • delays in the company’s ability to do their work on existing contracts
      • take time away from the business as you search out replacements,
      • cause a financial loss in replacing these items

      Property and business interruption coverage provide funds to help replace or repair damaged contents and equipment, so you can go back to running your business. 

      Office Equipment representing property damage insurance for professionals

      Privacy and Security Breach Coverage – Optional

      Did you know that over one-fifth of Canadian businesses were the targets of cyber attacks in 2017? 1. Even more incidents were reported during the covid-19 pandemic. More than half of those affected reported that the incidents prevented employees from carrying out day to day work1.

      Privacy and security breach coverage help you react in the event of a data breach. Imagine your company laptop is missing, your online system is hacked, or your customers’ payment details are stolen. Additionally, there are legal consequences that need to be considered in dealing with applicable laws and mandatory Breach Reporting with the Privacy Commissioner, be it in Alberta or Federally. More and more business owners are supplementing their IT efforts by transferring Cyber Exposures to insurance.  If these incidents occur and fall under the insurance,  a group of experts will quickly develop a breach response strategy and incident management plan. This will mitigate the harsh impacts of a breach on your business and help protect your reputation as a professional as well. Multiple services are included under this optional – but recommended – coverage.

      Other coverage included would be:

      • Breach Counseling – Determines whether a breach has occurred and assesses the severity.
      • Crisis Management – Time-saving professional service in handling a breach
      • Media Relations Consulting – Public relations support to help restore your business’ reputation
      • Legal Support – Documents the steps taken and remediation services provided

      Please Note: This is not a full Cyber legal liability wording. For full coverage, please visit our Cyber Liability Page

      * All insurance coverage described is intended to be general in nature and subject to the applicable insurer’s specific policy wording, terms, conditions and exclusions.