Online Business Insurance Products

Buying online business insurance is now easy, fast, and secure! If your occupation is shown in the listed professions, you can buy insurance online 24/7.

The most commonly needed insurance coverage for your profession/business/non-profit have all been bundled all together into one easy to buy policy. In less than 10 minutes, you can get a free business insurance quote, pay for it – and receive your new insurance policy documents emailed to you!  It really is as simple as that to Buy Online Business Insurance!

Please note, these products are only available to Alberta Businesses/Entrepreneurs.

Prefer to talk to a broker? We also offer traditional insurance quotes. Send us an email or call us at the office! 

Scroll down to learn more about buying Online Business Insurance + FAQs. 

Click Here for Steps on Buying Insurance Online

1. Click on any of the insurance products below to get more information & a specific quote for your business

2. Locate your occupation/organization type to confirm eligibility

3. Read the optional and included coverage descriptions for the product chosen to decide if it’s right for your business.

4. Start the application with some basic details then pick what coverage types are right for your business

5. Choose from the available coverage limits that best suits your business – and Presto – there is your free quote.

6. Want to go back and change a limit to see the cost difference? No problem. 

7. Want to buy the insurance?  Move forward to pay for your policy or arrange monthly payments.

8. Within a few minutes, your new policy will be emailed to you.

Online Business Insurance

Professionals representing Professional Services Insurance

Professional Services Insurance

Financial Business, Marketing, Tech, Consulting, Engineering, Architects, & Miscellaneous

Computer monitors representing Technology Services Insurance

Technology Services Insurance

A variety of Technology related occupations

Martial Arts, Fitness & Yoga Insurance

Fitness & Yoga Insurance

Martial Arts, Fitness & Yoga Instructors & Studios

Online Personal Insurance

*Policies include monthly and annual payment options.*

Prefer to talk to a broker? We also offer traditional insurance quotes which connects you to one of our experienced brokers, who will guide you on which insurance coverage(s) are best for your business. Not sure which option is best for you? Click here

* NOTE:  These customized policies are designed to be more economical due to Broker handling not being involved.  Please enter your information carefully.  Once a policy is purchased online, extra administration charges apply for required changes, certificates, and need for Broker services.  


"Which Service Quote Is Best For Me? Online Quote or Traditional Quote?"

CLICK HERE  to read about our two service options and who it’s best for.

"How do I ensure I'm getting the right insurance coverage needed for my business?"

Great Question! Above, all insurance products have been designed for specific occupations and specialties. In addition, we have provided descriptions of all optional and included coverages within the insurance product. To make sure you’re getting the insurance you ACTUALLY need, we recommend to read all the descriptions and apply them to your business.

"I didn't meet the qualifications for getting an online quote. What now?"

Not to worry! We will be notified to reach out to you and see if we can help customize a policy for you.

"What does online insurance costs include? Are there any extra fees?"

our policy documents and coverage are included in the price and at the payment processing stage, there is a small administration/payment processing fee applied.

Extra administration charges apply for required mid-term changes, certificates, and if specific Broker services are needed throughout the year.