Stand-alone Legal Expense Insurance for Your Business

Providing Access to Justice Through DAS Legal Protection Inc.

Whether legal issues are related to employment, suppliers, providers, clients, contractors, or a tax audit, they can have a significant impact on your business’s operations. This can be stressful, disruptive and expensive to your business. With a DAS Business insurance policy, your legal costs are covered when your business is facing an insured legal issue. Coverage empowers you to defend or pursue your rights in court and take back control of your business without endangering your finances.

A Legal Expense Insurance policy can help “fill-the-gaps” between the Business Insurance policies specifically needed for your business and the other uncovered areas. Please see the DAS Business Filling The Gaps Chart to see how the Legal Expense Insurance steps in and protects businesses in different areas than traditional insurance.

Legal Expense insurance helps you to defend and pursue your legal rights, in the following areas:
Employment Disputes
Legal Defence
Contract Disputes / Debt Recovery
Statutory License Protections
Property Protection
Bodily Injury
Tax Protection

As an added benefit, the policy offers easy access to unlimited legal advice at any time!
General legal advice, guidance, and clarity are just a toll-free call away. Our lawyers will respond quickly to your inquiry and provide you with a clear course of action. We encourage you to call as often as needed to give yourself confidence in the event of a potential or in-progress legal situation.

Interested in learning more? Quotes/coverage is quick and easy by simply filling in and submitting the attached Underwriting Questionnaire Form to our office with your contact details and the company’s gross annual revenue ;

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