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Over a decade of experience providing tried & true insurance solutions for lawyers & law firms. Let Collis Insurance help secure your practice in the short and long term. 

As a lawyer you likely know how easy a lawsuit can arise because of a disagreement or accident. Protecting your assets and reputation are also risks you are likely to want as a professional. Law firm insurance covers your bases and protects your business financially, allowing your business to be protected and thrive for years to come. 



Scenarios and Examples – Why You Need Construction Insurance

Clients come to your office 

A client comes to your office to drop off documents but on their way up the stairs, they fall and injure themselves. Commercial General Liability would help cover any medical costs and legal expenses if they choose to file a lawsuit. 


Construction Insurance House Fire

Property / physical assets get damaged 

Faulty electrical wiring causes a fire to break out in the office. The fire damages your leasehold improvements, computers, furniture, artwork and more. Property insurance will help cover all or some of the costs of repairing and replacing the damage, allowing you to get back to running your law firm quicker and keeping your costs low. 


An employee makes an allegation of Wrongful Dismissal 

You let a staff member go last month and now a complaint has been lodged against the firm and management with Human Rights and Employment Standards on his/her treatment at the office, including wrongful dismissal. Employment Practices Liability coverage helps to defend and protect in these instances.  

Complaint Law Firm Insurance

Misdirected Funds 

An accounting staff member receives an email to update account information for ongoing payments to a vendor. Account details are updated and several months of payments are made to the wrong account before the vendor contacts you to find out why you are not paying their bills on time…  

Construction Insurance - Tool Insurance

Ransomware / Privacy Breach 

A staff member clicks on a link in an email resulting in ½ of the computers in the offices being locked down before the server is shut down.  There are losses / costs for an IT Specialist company to come in, figure out the loss and data breach, and the rebuild the server and all of the individual PCs. You also need to report the issue to the privacy commissioner…  

Cyber Attack

What Does Law Firm Insurance Cover?

The following list are only examples of common coverages that lawyers may need, are available in most packages, or can be added as supplemental policies. Working with you, one of our brokers will help identify which policies are in your best interest based on risk/operations and obtain quotes from multiple insurers to get you the best value for your money. 

Commercial General Liability (CGL) 

CGL covers the day-to-day risks of running a law office. This includes the risk of bodily injury (eg. slip and falls) as well as property damage to third parties occurring on your premises. Other exposures include Tenant’s Legal Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance for injuries of employees while working. In these cases, CGL protects you and your law firm financially by covering legal expenses and possible medical costs regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. 

^ Can also get a property insurance, business interruption, and crime insurance quote with this link.

Property Insurance 

Most Law Firms like to make an impression on clients who are entering their offices and some spend a great deal of money on Leasehold or Tenants improvements. Additionally, lawyers have office property of some type, whether it is computers & other electronics, higher end office furniture, a custom reception area, or even art and sculptures, or stock and inventory. Damage or loss of these contents and assets (in whole or in part) caused by unexpected events have negative impacts on the business and can produce setbacks in the ability to continue work, take time away from the business, and causes a financial loss. Property insurance covers funds to help replace or repair damaged contents and equipment, so you can go back to running your business. 

Business Interruption  

While you and your firm can operate from anywhere if there is a loss to your premises, there may be some additional costs if you need to lease a temporary location and furniture, along with other emergency costs (IT, contractors, addition admin staff to help you reconstruct records), if your space is wholly or partially damaged. While your space is being rebuilt, Business Interruption coverage help can mitigate those increased costs of working / other financial loss during the loss repair work.  

Crime Insurance  

Your firm holds money in trust for your clients as well as the firm’s own money. But what if one your of your employees works alone, or in collusion, to redirect funds? Or what if you or your accounting staff are subject to a social engineering cyber crime loss – redirecting monies to a third party in error?  Crime coverage offers a variety of coverage to help protect the financial assets of your Law Firm.  

Cyber Insurance 

All types of businesses with an online presence are vulnerable to being the target of a cyber-attack, especially as hackers get more sophisticated. In the unfortunate event of a cyber breach, cyber insurance assists in resolving and mitigating the situation. Cyber insurance also covers the costs of legal action against your firm. 

Directors & Officers Liability  

The Directors, Officers and management of the company can be held legally liable for a variety of types of losses arising from the management (or mismanagement) of the corporation, including  

  • Misleading representations 
  • Neglect or breach of duty 
  • Up to 6 months of unpaid wages / taxes for each employee  
  • Unpaid taxes 
  • Conflict of interest 
  • Improper dividend payment 

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability can protect both the Corporation itself and the individual Directors & Officers from these allegations. 

Employment Practices Liability  

Other common exposures to Law Firms are allegations from employees arising from work in the workplace.  

  • Unfair treatment  
  • Harassment  
  • Unsafe Workplace  
  • Wrongful Dismissal  

    This coverage can be placed standalone and in some cases in conjunction with the Directors & Officers Liability policy.  

    What are the Benefits of Law Firm Insurance?

    • Financial Protection – A small cost for a big benefit. 
    • Peace of Mind 
    • Clients/customers have more confidence in you.  
    • At Collis Insurance, you get the best value. 

    Who Needs Lawyer Insurance? 

    • Attorneys 

    • Lawyers 

    • Legal Practitioners 

    • Legal Advisors 


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    How much does insurance for law offices cost?

    The cost is of the various policies are dependent on a variety of factors, some of which include:  the size of your business, type/size of premises, amount of property / tenant’s improvements coverage, # of employees, annual revenue and the different types and limits of insurances needed.

    Speak with one of our brokers to find out how to customize coverage specific to your firm’s needs.  

    How do I make sure I’m getting the right insurance coverage for my business?

    Our brokers take time to understand your true professional/business needs, risks, and more to provide a tailored policy and additional protection areas that fit your business insurance needs/budget. 

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