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As an acupuncture clinic or TCM clinic owner, it’s so important to have insurance. Even the most experienced and qualified acupuncturists carry risks. Although you and your employee’s services are meant to promote health, patients may claim that your services resulted in unintended or worsening symptoms after a session.

Insurance for acupuncture clinics not only covers you and your employee’s professional liability for allegations of Errors or Omissions in your/their work, it also protects the client affected.

At Collis Insurance, we offer Acupuncture Clinic Insurance both via the services of a broker from one of our brokers, as well as Online where you can get a quote right away without a broker involved. We’ve got you covered.




What Does Insurance for Acupuncturists Cover?

The following are common coverages that acupuncture clinics may need or are available in most packages. Working with you, a broker will help identify which coverages are in your business’s best interest and obtain quotes from multiple insurers to get you the best value for your money.

Professional Liability for Acupuncturists  

Also known as Medical Malpractice Insurance or Errors & Omissions Insurance, professional liability is a must-have for acupuncturists. In fact, it is a requirement to have a limit of at least 2 million in coverage to maintain an acupuncturist license in Alberta. Clients may make allegations or sue you due to negligence, mistake, oversight, or harmful treatment “decisions” etc. The service that you or your practitioners provide may be targeted and blamed for a client’s subsequent health problem.  

Medical malpractice liability not only protects you financially, it also protects the effected client by covering medical expenses to recoverWhether you physically push a needle in a little too much or provide “wrong” advice, this policy can be the difference between your professional career’s success and failure.  

*Please note your broker should ask for the retroactive date from your previous professional liability insurance. The retroactive date refers to the first date of continuous errors & omissions insurance coverage.

Commercial General Liability for Acupuncturists 

General liability insurance, or Third Party Liability, serves to protect you from claims due to bodily injury and property damage occurring on your premises. This also includes covering property damages wherever you provide services – whether at a clinic, at your home or in their home. If you have patients or clients coming to your premises, there is the risk they may injure themselves in some way, whether that is slipping on ice, or tripping down stairs, bed collapsing, etc.

If you are renting a space, many landlords require a minimum limit of commercial general liability. When that is not a factor, then the higher the risk or the severity of the possible physical injury from the type of services offered – the higher your coverage limit should be. Although the risk of injury from running an acupuncture office is minimal, it still exists. See below for a list of risks related to acupuncture

Contents & Equipment (Property Insurance) 

Contents or Property Insurance protects the equipment you use in the unexpected event that it is damaged (fire, flood, theft). This coverage provides funds to repair or replace your property – allowing you to focus on returning to business.  Examples include the electronic acupuncture machines, massage bed, needles, fixtures, (flooring, lighting, appliances), and office and computer equipment. 

What are the Benefits of Acupuncture Clinic Insurance?

  • Maintain your license in Alberta.
  • Gain the peace of mind you deserve in your practice.
  • A small cost for a big benefit: In case of an accident, you are compensated up until a certain limit.
  • Clients prefer to go to your clinic.
  • At Collis Insurance, you get the best value.

Scenarios and Examples – Why You Need Insurance for Acupuncturists

You have customers that come to your clinic

A customer or client comes to your clinic for an acupuncture session. On your driveway, the client slips and falls. They sue for negligence. General liability insurance allows you to pay a portion of the medical costs under the Medical Expense coverage. Then later, the Third Party Liability coverage contributes towards defending and settling the suit.

injury - acupuncture insurance

A Client Has Adverse Symptoms

After an acupuncture session, one of your employee’s new clients claims that she had excessive bruising and bleeding due to their service. They sue, claiming that the employee  was negligent. Medical Malpractice (professional liability or Errors & Omissions Insurance) acts to cover some of the legal costs, other associated expenses and pay some of the damages, if applicable.

Insurance for acupuncturists

You provide your service at your clients property

You run your Acupuncture business within your home, but occasionally provide service at client’s homes. At your client’s property, you accidentally knock over an expensive decorative vase on a table in the hallway on the way by.  They demand you replace the damaged items. Property Damage within Commercial General Liability Insurance covers the expenses it takes to replace the property. 

Types of Therapies We May Cover for Acupuncturists

☐ Acupuncture ☐ Aroma Therapy ☐ Bio Feedback ☐ Ear Candling ☐ Holistic Counseling ☐ Magnetic Therapy ☐ Naturopathy ☐ Reflexology ☐ Skin Scrapping ☐ Tapas Acupressure ☐ Wu Head Massage ☐ Acupressure x☐ Auriculotherapy ☐ Chinese medicine ☐ First Aid ☐ Homeopathy ☐ Massage Therapy ☐ Nutrition Therapy ☐ Reiki ☐ Spiritual Therapy ☐ Therapeutic Touch ☐ Yoga ☐ Allergy Testing ☐ Ayurveda x☐ Cupping ☐ Heat Therapy ☐ Iridology ☐ Moxibustion ☐ Qi Gong ☐ Shiatsu ☐ Tai Chi ☐ Tuina ☐ Zen Therapy and more!

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Do Acupuncture Clinics need Insurance?

In Alberta, to maintain your license as an acupuncture practitioner, a minimum of $2,000,000 malpractice liability is needed. Other Insurances for acupuncturists are not necessarily required for you to run a clinic, however, can still be important. The associated expenses and fees of unexpected accidents can pile up quickly which can put your professional future and reputation at risk. 

How much does Acupuncture Clinic Insurance cost?

The cost is dependent on a variety of factors, some of which include the size of your business, years of experience, training, and your annual revenue. 
Our Online Acupuncture Insurance cost is also dependent on which coverages and limits of insurance you select, making it possible for you to customize based on your budget and business needs. 

How do I make sure I'm getting the right insurance coverage for my business?

Great Question! Online Insurance for Acupuncturists has been designed specifically with the most basic/common coverage for independent acupuncture practitioners and clinics in Alberta.

If quoting with a broker, our brokers take time to understand your true professional/business needs, risks, and more to provide a tailored policy and additional protection areas that fit your business insurance needs/budget.

I didn't meet the qualifications for getting an online quote. What now?

Not to worry! We will be notified to reach out to you and see if we can help customize a policy for you with one of our experienced brokers.

What does online insurance cost include? Are there any extra fees?

Your policy documents and coverage are included in the price and at the payment processing stage, there is a small administration/payment processing fee applied.

Extra administration charges apply for required mid-term changes, certificates, and if specific Broker services are needed throughout the year.

Have a question?

Your trusted Collis Insurance Business Insurance Broker can help and also offer additional coverage for consideration, like Cyber & Privacy Liability, Legal Expense Insurance, and other relevant coverage.

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