Want to create a unique promotion to gain exposure to your business?

In its simplest form, if you sponsor a hole or host a golf tournament, it costs surprisingly little to insure a Hole in One prize.  Want to give away Jewelry, a Car, Cash? Pick an amount and a Hole – and buy a policy.

 In more complex Prize Indemnity cases, the sky is the limit! Have you heard of Car dealerships sponsoring contests like – come in for a test drive during this time frame and obtain a key to come back and try in a vehicle on a specific date?   What about contests like, if it snows 10 cm’s on New Year’s Day everyone who bought a car between Sept and Oct wins $5,000?

If you can dream it up, you can likely insure it.  “Collis” to discuss your marketing ideas and how to create something unique and fun to raise the profile of your business!

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