What is Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects an organization against any losses that result from a breakdown of:

  • All types of electronic equipment
  • Heating
  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Pressure vessel
  • Boilers
  • Production machinery

What’s Covered by Equipment Breakdown / Boiler & Machinery Insurance?

Nearly everything mechanical, electrical, or under pressure can be insured for loss due to breakdown. The most common types of equipment include heating boilers, air conditioning, and refrigerating units, electrical panels, computers, and telephone systems.

Comprehensive Plus Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Whether you rent or own the equipment, it’s possible to insure nearly everything mechanical and electrical. This coverage protects the kind of electronic equipment that businesses depend upon most, such as:

  • Computers, Printers
  • Telephone Systems
  • Photocopiers, Fax Machines
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Stoves, Ovens
  • Retail Scanning Equipment

Coverage is also included on equipment used to provide human comfort or services in a building, such as:

  • Boilers, Hot Water Tanks
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
  • Mechanical Pumps, Fans, and Compressors
  • Electrical Motors, Transformers, and Panels

This coverage also includes spoilage coverage…Loss of the insured’s perishable goods that spoil as a result of a breakdown is covered to the policy limit.

These Additional Coverage Features Apply

  • Business interruption/Extra expense if provided in property coverage section Bylaws
  • Professional/Auditors fees if provided in the property coverage section
  • Hazardous Substances to a limit of $25,000
  • Expediting Expenses
  • Broad Definition of Insured Equipment
  • Broad Definition of Accident/Breakdown
  • Service Interruption (electricity, telephone, heating, and cooling)


*Subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy.

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