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Over a decade of experience providing tried & true insurance solutions to dental clinics and professionals. Let Collis Insurance help protect and secure your business. 

Just as preventative care and education are key to oral health, insurance is key to the success of your business! 

Our job is to make getting insurance is as simple as possible for you. At Collis Insurance Services Group, we help review your operations and the risk exposures specific to your organization and then tailor an insurance program designed specifically to your needs. 



Scenarios and Examples – Why You Need Dental Clinic Insurance 

You have patients coming to your clinic 

Consider a patient trips on a chair in the waiting room, injuring their ankle – or even slips & falls out in the parking lot. Commercial general liability helps cover medical expenses as well as any legal expenses in case they file a lawsuit. 



An electrical fire breaks out  

An electrical fire breaks out causing damage to not only furniture/fixtures, but also damaging patient files. Property insurance then provides funds to repair or replace contents, recreate patient files, so you can get back to serving clients.  


You collect customers information and payment card data

One of your employees accidentally clicks an email link that compromises your computer and systems. You can no longer access member/customer info and information is compromised or subject to ransomware. Cyber Insurance provides a plan to help protect and restore your business, reputation, and your customer’s trust as well as covers associated costs of a cyber breach lawsuit. 

Cyber Attack

What Does Dental Clinic Insurance Cover?

The following list are only examples of common coverages that dental clinics may need or are available in most packages. Working with you, one of our brokers will help identify which coverages are in your best interest based on risk/operations and obtain quotes from multiple insurers to get you the best value for your money. 

Commercial General Liability

This coverage, also known as CGL, protects your business from the day-to-day risks of having customers come into your dental clinic. In case someone accidentally slips in the parking lot and injures themselves, this coverage covers potential legal fees and medical fees. If property damage occurs to a third party, CGL also covers legal expenses for defending these claims and repairing / replacing the damaged property. Even if you don’t own your building, CGL is essential to protect against damage to your leased space under Tenant’s Legal Liability. . 


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance for dental clinics is crucial. Whether you store clients personal or payment card information online, or have a website up and running, the risks and consequences of a cyber-attack are real. Cyber insurance not only provides funds to protect yourself in case of cyber suit, it also allows you to save your reputation and get out of a cyber attack. 


Property/Contents Insurance

There are many types of contents that a dental office might need. From Leasehold Improvements to your office to specialty machines, equipment, and furniture that dental offices use on a daily basis. If there is an insured loss such as a fire, flood, or theft, property insurance provides funds for you to repair or replace these items and get back to running your business faster.  Typically we will also insure 

Legal Expense

Dentists are at risk for a wide variety of legal disputes. A Legal Expense Insurance policy can help “fill-the-gaps” between the other business insurance policies specifically needed for your business and the other uncovered areas. This policy also offers unlimited legal advice at any time giving you the peace of mind you need to do your job. 

Business Interruption

When you operate a Business, in the event of loss due to an insured peril (fire or flood for example), your business could not only lose your physical assets – but also could lose various types of expenses and loss of income. These expenses are not automatically covered by the property wording. Business Interruption insurance protects you against these monetary losses.

What are the Benefits of Dental Clinic Insurance?

  • Financial Protection – A small cost for a big benefit. 
  • Peace of Mind 
  • Clients/customers Trust You Better 
  • At Collis Insurance, you get the best value. 

Who Needs Dental Clinic Insurance? 

  • General dentists 
  • Dental hygienists 
  • Periodontists 
  • Endodontists 
  • Oral surgeons 
  • Orthodontists 
  • Prosthodontists 

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Do dental clinics need insurance?

All of Alberta’s professional health regulators are required to ensure their members have professional liability insurance in place to respond to claims for compensation by patients in the result of clinical negligence. The associated expenses and fees of unexpected accidents can pile up quickly which can put your business’ future and reputation at risk. 

Additionally, important coverage falls under insuring the risks associated with the dental clinic itself, it’s liability, property, business interruption and crime coverages. From there specialty insurances could be appropriate, including Directors & Officers Liability, Cyber & Privacy Breach, Crime / Employee Dishonesty, Legal Expense Insurance, etc.

How much does dental clinic insurance cost?

The cost is of the various policies are dependent on a variety of factors, some of which include:  the size of your business, type/size of premises, amount of property / tenant’s improvements coverage, # of employees, annual revenue and the different types and limits of insurances needed. Additionally the number and types of professionals is key. 

Speak with one of our brokers to find out how to customize coverage specific to your firm’s needs.  

How do I make sure I’m getting the right insurance coverage for my profession?

Our brokers take time to understand your true professional/business needs, risks, and more to provide a tailored policy and additional protection areas that fit your business insurance needs/budget. 

Time and attention is placed in gathering all of the information, sending to insurers that like to insure Dental Clinics,  gathering and presenting quote options for you consideration. 

Have a question?

Your trusted Collis Insurance Business Insurance Broker can help and also offer additional coverage for consideration, like Cyber & Privacy Liability, Legal Expense Insurance, and other relevant coverage.

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