Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance covers bodily injury or property damage to a Third Party arising from the ownership, use, or operation of an automobile. Additionally, Auto insurance policies offer the ability to purchase coverage to repair physical damage to your own vehicles, subject to the deductible.

Auto insurance is rated on several factors, including:


The Specific Use of The Vehicle

Personal, Business, Hauling tools/equipment, school bus, tax, etc.


The Individual Driver's Experience

Length of time licensed, tickets and accidents


The Vehicle Itself

The vehicle itself (individual make, model, serial number, value, costliness to repair, theft statistics, etc),


The type of coverage, limits and deductibles and endorsements chosen.

Fleet Insurance

When a business has a number of owned vehicles, they can insure them all on one policy and can qualify for additional discounts for being a part of a “Fleet”.  Insurers differ in their requirements for Fleet rating. Some start with as low as 6 vehicles, while others require 10-12 vehicles before allowing Fleet rating.

There are a few benefits of Fleet rating, but typically it is that there is some specific discounted premiums allowed. Additionally, the policy claims history is considered more considered as whole, rather than the experience of each individual vehicle.

Garage Liability Insurance

Protection for an automobile dealer, repairer, service station, valet, etc for while the company employees have custody or are operating their customer’s vehicles.  These companies should have both Third Party Liability as well as Physical Damage for damage to the Customer’s or their Own Autos.

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