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Home to a vibrant and inclusive small business community, the Airdrie business scene is diverse and growing by the minute. Whether you own a home-based business or physical commercial business, without the right commercial insurance, one minor mistake or accident can have a drastic financial impact on your business’ success. Through every stage of your business, we guide you in having the right business insurance in Airdrie and throughout Alberta to ensure your business’ long term success. 

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Do You Need Airdrie Business Insurance?

No matter how small your business is, commercial insurance is essential to ensure the financial prosperity of your business. There are risks involved with selling products or services that could heavily impact your business financially, regardless of where you operate or sell. For some professions, commercial insurance is legally required, for others it is just an effective Risk Management tool. The best practice for running a business or providing a service is obtaining customized business insurance. Keep reading to discover what you should consider when looking for business insurance in Airdrie!

Protect Yourself With These Airdrie Business Insurance Coverages

Trying to find the best business insurance in Airdrie can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! Our experienced insurance brokers help review your operations and the risk exposures specific to your organization/profession – and then tailor an insurance program designed specifically to your organization’s needs. We translate complex insurance jargon into simple to understand language. The following are a few common business insurance coverages to consider for Airdrie businesses: 

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Professional Liability Insurance

 Protect yourself if a client blames you for errors or mistakes in your work. This coverage also provides funds to defend yourself legally.

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General Liability Insurance

A must have for every business. General liability insurance protects all third party persons that have contact with your business.

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Business Interruption Insurance

If an unforeseen event prevents your business from operating, this coverage limits your losses, and gets your business running again!

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Don’t risk losing your client relationships, reputation, and income in the event of a data breach. Protect yourself against cyber risks today!

Fun Facts About Airdrie


There were a total of 1715 businesses in 2020. (Airdrie – # of Businesses)


The most active industry in Airdrie is the construction industry. (Airdrie – Business Growth & Environment)


62.93% of all businesses in Airdrie are home-based businesses (Airdrie – Business Growth & Environment)


Airdrie is seeing a rise in the retail trade and professional, scientific and technical sectors. (Airdrie – Business Growth & Environment)

Tips to Getting Business Insurance in Airdrie

  • Always stick with Brokers rather than Insurance Companies. A brokerage/broker negotiates with multiple insurance companies to get you the best rate.
  • Prioritize choosing an insurance broker that specializes directly in business insurance. You wouldn’t see a electrician if you had a leak in your pipes. Search for brokerages that focus solely on business insurance.
  • Support local, female-owned, or BIPOC-owned businesses if possible.
  • Ensure the brokerage has credible reviews both on Google and their website.
  • Check that the brokerage values tailored business insurance, has excellent customer service, and provides supportive risk-mitigation resources.

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Common Industries that Need Business Insurance in Airdrie

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