When Companies and Non-Profits provide services to children, individuals who are differently-abled, or even the elderly – poses an increased risk of Abuse and/or other allegations against them.  Most Commercial General Liability policies contain an Abuse Exclusion, meaning that the insurer is not intending to defend or pay claims arising from allegations of abuse.  One way of managing this risk is to consider purchasing a specific Abuse Liability insurance policy to cover the exposure, or specifically dealing with insurers that offer the coverage in combination with the Commercial General Liability coverage.  There are, however, only a few markets willing to offer this type of coverage, and is dependent upon the business or non-profits operations and documentation.

How Getting An Abuse Liability Quote Works

To obtain quotes on your behalf, we will need an Abuse Liability application, as well as a copy of the company’s Policy & Procedures manual. The insurers will want to know a variety of information about the company’s processes, including but not limited to:

  • Qualifications/training of staff
  • Hiring practices
  • Security checks done on employees and volunteers
  • How allegations are to be handled and by whom.

There must be clear direction in the policy as to what steps are to be taken if an employee or volunteer is advised of some type of abuse.

Then, we use all of this information to obtain quotes for this coverage on your behalf. 

While this seems like a lot of work, it’s a very good risk management process to help identify expectations of operations in this industry.  It also is designed to help keep everyone as safe from allegations as possible. All of this documentation may seem intimidating, especially for small or new organizations starting out. But never fear, we have some sample resources available – so you can start with a template and customize where you need to. From there you can review with a Human Resources Professional and even your Corporate lawyer.

For more information about Abuse Liability coverage, do not hesitate to “Collis“.


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