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Kevin Neth - PODS Mobile Storage of Calgary


PODS Mobile Storage of Calgary “Andrea and her staff at Collis have made themselves a valuable addition to our team. With dedication to finding the right insurance for our unique needs  and an always friendly attitude, Andrea is a gem. Whether it is a quick question or claim assistance, calls are returned swiftly and with the information we need. We appreciate all they  do for us.”



OPERATION EYESIGHT UNIVERSAL “There are many reasons I have placed policies with Collis Insurance. Here are a few:

  • Level of service
  • Responsiveness
  • Level of understanding of our business
  • Personal touch and continuity
  • Education: provided clarity as to the differences between insurance companies’ coverage which assisted us in our decision as to which company would provide the required coverage
  • Comparative shopping: Andrea knows her industry and takes the time to shop around for the best policy coverage at an affordable rate for the coverage provided.”

Allen Radomski B.Arch. B.A.(Economics) - AMR Designworks Ltd.


AMR Designworks Ltd. “I enjoy doing business with Collis Insurance because they give me the confidence that they have my best interests in mind. They take the time to understand the uniqueness of my business and are able to compare and translate insurance items in a language I understand. Andrea’s strength is as a broker who researches and understands the nuances of the policies and is able to advise me as versus just sell me .”

Carol & Don Hartwick - ControSoft Inc.


ControSoft Inc. “ControSoft Inc. would like to recommend Andrea Collis of Collis Insurance Group Inc. for the excellent service she provided. She listened to our corporate insurance requirements, explained anything we questioned or didn’t understand, and matched our needs to an underwriter that more than met our expectations in coverage and price. Excellent work Andrea!”

Kevin Okabe, Past President - Calgary Japanese Community Association


Calgary Japanese Community Association “Andrea has been handling our insurance requirements since 2000. We have grown and changed significantly since that time, and Andrea has been fully able to satisfy our growing and diverse insurance needs and requirements. She is very quick and responsive each time we call upon her, and I can highly recommend her services to anyone looking to fulfill their insurance needs.”

Patti Morris Executive Director - Wellspring Calgary


Wellspring Calgary As a new charity, Wellspring Calgary was delighted to learn about Andrea Collis and her special knowledge of insurance for charities and non-profit organizations. We could not be more satisfied with the service we have received since our initial meeting. Andrea took the time to understand our preliminary and changing needs. She sought out a variety of quotes and helped us to understand the merits of each. In the end, we were able to access insurance that met our needs at a reduced rate. We also have an agent who knows our organization and is responsive beyond our highest expectations with respect to every question we have. I would strongly recommend Andrea to any like-organization.

Gary Ursu, President - Forest Heights Community Association


Forest Heights Community Association “We switched to Andrea as our Broker in 2005. She came out and met with me, helped identify what our risks were and then tailored our insurance policy to what we actually wanted and needed. The net result was a cost savings of over 30% per year. I would definitely refer Andrea’s to other Communities… “


Divona Herzog - Herzog Associates


Herzog Associates “I trust Andrea. I have learned a lot about what type and how much insurance I need by dealing with Collis Insurance. She takes the time to understand my business and my insurance needs. I really get the sense that Andrea has my best interest in mind and that she leaves no stone unturned to find me the best deal possible.”


Cause & Effect Foundation


Cause & Effect Foundation “Insurance coverage has been an area of our Foundation that was badly neglected by our previous provider and your due diligence and patience in carefully accessing our needs was commendable. We especially appreciated the time you took to teach us about our insurance and the reasons why we should have it. It is not an area we are knowledgeable in and we have never had anyone explain things to us as effectively as you did.

Collis has provided our Not for Profit Foundation with more extensive coverage for less money than we were paying previously. This means a great deal to us. You have given us the confidence to move forward, with Collis as our provider, knowing that you will take care of our company so that we can do our jobs without having to worry about this area any more.”




Sprog & Sprocket. “We first dealt with Collis Insurance in Feb 2017 when we were in the early stages of launching our children’s playground rental business. Andrea’s expertise and guidance from day one was crucial in making sure we started out with our best foot forward. She explained everything very clearly regarding our Commercial General Liability and Property insurance policies and really made sure there was no stone left unturned for any potential liability issues. She has time and again gone beyond our expectations, and we are very grateful to have found such a genuine, knowledgable and trustworthy partner for our insurance needs. Whenever we now meet any professional in our business dealings, Andrea is always the benchmark we compare against! Thanks for all you do Andrea and the team at Collis!”
Sprog & Sprocket

Jo-Co Interiors Ltd. “I have been running my business for over 10 years.  I have always carried the necessary liability insurance policy, but like most people, I understand very little of it, and need to trust in my broker that I have the right coverage.  I always felt reasonably comfortable that I had what I needed, because the insurance broker said so.  Then I met Andrea Collis.

Andrea is the owner of Collis insurance. She was more than happy to meet me and discuss my business insurance needs.  Going into the meeting, I thought it would be a quick price comparison, an in-and –out sort of thing. It was to my pleasant surprise that Andrea spent over an hour getting to know about my business. She then took the time to explain how the policy I had was written and why she would write differently.  In one meeting Andrea had spent more time with me than the previous company had in 10 years.

I now have a Policy that I know is the right one, and I have true confidence in that because of the time Andrea spent getting to know about my business. Andrea and her staff are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They are always happy  to answer my questions, and very quick to respond to my calls or emails.

I would happily recommend Collis Insurance for all your Insurance needs.”

Mike Gilhooly President

Jo-Co Interiors Ltd.

“My parents are in their 80’s and travel a lot. My dad goes on bird watching trips all over the world, and they both visit relatives in various U.S. locations several times a year. Recently, my dad told me that his insurance broker was no longer helping him find suitable travel insurance. It was up to him to find and compare the choices available. I suggested he call my insurance company – Collis Insurance – and see what they could do.”

The owner, Andrea, and her hard-working staff presented the travel insurance options to them, and at every step gave them helpful advice. They were so impressed with the exceptional service that they also transferred their home and auto insurance to Collis.

I am so glad that my parents were saved the time and the inconvenience of finding their own travel insurance, and I will continue to recommend Collis Insurance to friends and family.

Andrea, I would just like to offer a compliment to you and your staff. Your professionalism and ability to provide as requested is outstanding. I have had some rough experiences with these traits in insurance companies in the past. Thank you again for all your help.”

“When I needed to renew my business insurance, I decided to give Andrea the opportunity to provide for me. What impressed me the most were three things – quick response to my enquiry, thorough review of what my business was all about and she provided two choices and explained the benefits of both, then helped me make the right choice. The entire process was simple and painless and I got the right insurance for me.”

“Professional and knowledgeable, these are the two words that come to mind when I think of my experience with Andrea and Collis Insurance. Andrea was concise and articulate with the questions she asked to make sure my company had the proper insurance coverage. Now I can focus on my clients, having confidence that I am well taken care of on the insurance side.”

“Andrea helped me out when I was in a real bind for insurance and for that she has my loyalty. I like the fact that most any time I need to speak to Andrea or her staff, I can speak directly to them. The biggest problem I had that has been resolved by working with Collis Insurance is the placing of insurance coverage on difficult properties. Andrea and her staff have dealt with properties no one else will touch. She has the industry knowledge and the resources to farm it out and find the insurers that will cover the property. As difficult as it may seem, and when most people would say they are not interested, Andrea can get it done.”

“We recently moved our General Commercial Liability Insurance to Collis Insurance after much deliberation, research and multiple quotes from other service providers. Andrea Collis and her staff were instrumental in the decision making process as they patiently worked with us to make sure we actually understood both what we needed and what options were available.

We feel very strongly that Collis Insurance had our best interests in mind and that it was not about the bottom line with them.

And on that note – they saved us almost $2,500 from our original quote!

I would recommend and will recommend, Collis Insurance for exceptional service.”

Extremely friendly and professional service; a rare pleasure when dealing with Insurance companies ! We appreciate and reward attitude within our business ecosystem. Thank you Andrea!

“Andrea is fantastic. She helped me tremendously by walking me through what kind of insurance to get for my business. She has great knowledge about her field and makes excellent recommendations.”

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