Our Partners - Insurers / MGAs

As Independent Insurance Brokers, we shop the Insurers / MGAs for you. To start, our experienced brokers gather your business’ information, then shop various Insurers / MGAs for you. We then provide various quotes/coverage to consider to protect your business.

Depending on your time frame, we get quotes from  a combination of traditional Insurers and MGAs (Managing General Agents) and Sub-brokers to get a quote from the right insurer.  We choose the insurer / MGAs who is best suited to our individual clients needs.  You can also rest assured that only those insurers who are licensed in Canada are used by Collis. 

We are continually researching and growing insurance markets for our clients. So whether we only have one policy with these Insurers / MGAs – or 1000 – it is all about finding the price and coverage combination for your business / industry. What that means in practicality is that sometimes there are additional fees involved in using some markets, but in a lot of cases -that can still be less expensive than other insurers. It all depends on what insurer wants what type of clients…   

The list of our Insurers / MGAs changes slightly here and there. Currently our clients have business insurance directly placed through:


  • Allianz Travel Insurance
  • AVIVA Canada
  • Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company
  • CHUBB Insurance / CHUBB Access
  • Elite Insurance Company
  • Great American Insurance Company
  • Intact Insurance Company
  • Nordic Insurance Company 
  • Peace Hills General Insurance
  • Trisura Guarantee Insurance Co


  • Agile Underwriting Solutions

  • A.M. Fredericks Underwriting

  • April Canada
  • ARAG Legal Solutions Inc.
  • Beacon Underwriting Ltd.
  • Beazley Canada
  • Boxx Insurance 
  • Cansure Underwriting Ltd.
  • Chutter Underwriting Services
  • Coalition Inc.  
  • Forward Insurance
  • Haggerty Canada
  • i3 Underwriting
  • K&K Canada
  • Markel Canada
  • MedThree
  • Milnco Insurance
  • PAL Insurance
  • Premier Group
  • South Western Ins. Group Ltd.
  • Sport & Fitness Canada
  • TCIM Trans Canada Insurance
  • Totten Group
  • TSW Management Services
  • TUGO / North American Air Travel
  • USLP Underwriting
  • Victor Insurance (formerly ENCON)

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