What We Offer

While Business Insurance coverage is similar wherever you go, coverage for your specific business should be customized. To do that, we offer a complimentary 30 minute meeting to review your existing business insurance program and make some immediate suggestions for you where necessary. We will point out what we would identify is good in your existing policy, make some suggestions on possible changes, explain other coverage to be considered and why, etc.  This is your time to ask any questions you might have or just a quick insurance refresher on things you many have forgotten.

From there, if you feel it is a good fit, we would be happy to gather information about your business and what its insurance needs are and go through the process of obtaining some Insurance Quotes for you.   Note that Quotes are generally only valid for 30 – 60 days, so if your renewal is further along in the year, it may be better to wait for a while before approaching insurers on your behalf.

Once we have the quotes and options in, then we can go through then and help you decide what is the best specifically customized insurance policy for you!