Online Insurance VS Traditional Insurance (With an Agent/Broker)

What’s the Difference?

OCT 2021 | 4-5 min. read.

All across industries, technological advances continue to shape the way things are done. More and more business owners and consumers purchase everyday products and services online…the insurance industry is no exception. For years people have been able to look into online home and auto insurance quotes if they wanted to. However, only recently can some types of businesses now look into Online Insurance! You may have come across brokers, agents and insurers claiming you can “get an online quote” or “get an online insurance policy”. But what does this really mean? And is it right for you? 

Keep reading to learn about the difference between buying online business insurance and traditional insurance with a broker, benefits of both, and which may be better fit for your needs and business.  

What is Online Insurance?

Buying Online Business Insurance is usually characterized by a full or partial experience of getting insurance online. This generally includes answering questions about your business/situation, selecting your limits and receiving your quote. From there, the system typically prompts you to buy, and if you choose to, so, sends your new policy documents via email – often immediately. Often, online insurance providers offer lower premium rates, a key benefit of selecting your own plan online. 

At Collis Insurance, our Buy Online Insurance quotes & policies are pre-negotiated for specific types of businesses, to include the most usual coverages and limits, pre-bundled at a reduced cost – through specific trusted insurers. Thus, delivering a simplified, one-stop solution for small businesses. We also provide information on our website that helps you and your businesses understand which coverage can be included in the package and why you might need it. is best. 


Is Online Insurance right for you?

Online Insurance can be really great if you have an idea of what type of insurance you need or require. Typically, businesses using this option may have generally simple insurance needs at the moment. Online quote options are beneficial for people that are short on time and have a lower insurance budget. Usually, the best candidates for this coverage don’t need much ongoing broker support throughout the year.  

Take Mia for example. Mia is a consultant. She recently started a new contract and knows it requires professional liability insurance. She also knows she visits clients and heard that commercial general liability is must. She is tight on time to get insured, and has a low insurance budget. Mia is a great candidate to buy business insurance online. 
However, take Paul, who is also a consultant.  Paul deals with many clients that require him to sign contracts and obtain certificates throughout the year. While Paul may still have a low insurance budget and needs insurance right away – he has more need for ongoing assistance/advice/service from a broker.  Paul may start out with Online insurance but will benefit from moving to building a relationship with a broker down the road. 

Is it safe to get Insurance quotes online? 

Fortunately, advancing technology has made buying insurance online much safer. Through better firewall protection for transactions and increased security to protect your information, getting insurance online can still provide you with peace of mind. 

In general, it is important to buy from a trusted source and credible webpage. It’s recommended you do some research before buying insurance online such as reading Google reviews. 

What is Traditional Insurance? (With an agent/broker)

Traditional Insurance service usually involves connecting with a broker or agent. Regardless of brokerage, the insurance broker has the ability to obtain multiple quotes from multiple insurers – if you leave enough time. They then present these quotes and recommend the coverage or insurance policy that best serves the client’s needs. 

At Collis Insurance, our experienced brokers work closely with you to identify your business’ unique risks and needs. The broker negotiates with insurers and compares their various coverage and rates. They then present you with more customized quotes and coverage to consider. Our insurance brokers are also there for you throughout the year to discuss your coverage, changes to your business, review insurance provisions of contracts, issuing certificates, and more. 

Is Traditional Insurance service right for you?

If your business has more complexities, risks, and insurance needs, talking with a broker is recommended. It’s often great for business owners who’d rather get deeper in understanding their policy before they buy it. Business owners that have an ongoing need for certificates throughout the year or who have contracts with landlords or clients that require specific insurance coverages should consider seeing and discussing with a broker. 

Thomas owns an IT firm. He’s not sure what insurance he needs, and wants to clearly understand the risks his business faces and the policy terms as well. He has a couple contracts down the road with insurance provisions that he would like a broker to look over before he signs.  

Which is right for me? 

While both ways to buy insurance have similarities such as offering customized quotes, opportunities to understand the policy/coverage clearly, one may be more fitted for you at this point of time. Click here to compare! 

Are you comfortable researching insurance coverage online from your business or home? Would you prefer do-it-yourself model online? Does your business have a few unique services? Are you tight on time to get insured? 


Do you have questions about the kind of insurance your business needs? Do you like to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone throughout the year? Would you rather speak with an experienced Commercial Insurance broker than connecting online and reading about the coverages available?  Then upfront broker service through the traditional insurance service option is best for you. 


Interested in learning more about Collis Insurance’s Traditional & Online Insurance?

Despite the trends, at Collis Insurance, we understand that not everyone wants one or the other types of options to buy insurance. That’s why we give you the option of choosing either online insurance, traditional insurance service – or even a hybrid as your business grows and changes!

We are local to Calgary, Alberta serving Alberta businesses! 

Regardless of which you choose, we are at your assistance! “Collis” if you have any questions! 

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