Recently in our professional society (Chartered Insurance Professionals) newsletter, there was an article on a study done regarding the responsibilities of Directors and Officers of a Corporation.  To read the article please go to

Directors & Officers Insurance is something that we, at Collis Insurance Services Group, have helped many of our clients understand the importance of and what is insured. Whether it is a public or privately held company or a non-profit organization, Directors & Officers of companies have important roles that have many legal obligations attached.  As such, it is very important that the Directors personal assets are properly protected from these legal obligations.

In fact, this is such an important coverage to Boards of Directors, that we routinely send out an information package developed specifically for Boards, including:

–          A Directors Need for Insurance explanation,

–          Claims examples (For-profit and Non-Profit)

–          A highlight sheet outlining what type of coverage to look for.

If you or someone you know sits on a Board of Directors and does not have this type of information, please contact us at or “Collis” 403-265-5475 for a complimentary copy of these documents.

Andrea & Staff

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