Recently on we read that some Zodiac Signs are considered to be worse drivers than others!

Here at Collis we will not ask what your sign is, but we will need to know your birth date if you are looking for commercial automobile insurance.  Rest assured, we will not judge your driving based on what sign you were born under!

This did bring up a hilarious conversation in our office though.  It was mentioned that maybe the Alberta government did their own study on this and that was why a few years ago they decided to be proactive and mandated that Insurance Brokers / Companies must provide personal automobile  quotes  for all people that request a quote.  Otherwise we’d only want Scorpios and Ophiuchus’ (what’s that anyway?) as auto clients!!

Then of course someone mentioned that none of us who work here at Collis are the right signs either!

……Oooh, now that I think about it – it would have been good to have known this when choosing a spouse !

To read this interesting article please click on the link below…

Enjoy & have a great day.

Andrea & Staff

P.S. We hope you are not a Virgo. –  lol

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