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What Sets Collis Insurance Apart

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how much hard work you put into your small business. We go the extra mile because we also know, from experience, that an important factor in ensuring your business’s ongoing success, is the right insurance coverage.

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Insurance Coverage Options Made for Alberta’s Entrepreneurs. 

 Our list of offerings is designed with the Albertan Entrepreneur in mind. It is our job to learn about your business and assist you in choosing the right business insurance coverage to meet your needs.

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Professional Liability Insurance

A small mistake or error could potentially cost your business a major loss. The courts have found that professionals hold a higher standard of care. This is due to clients relying on  consultant’s service, advice, or the recommendations they provide. Professional Liability Insurance protects you and your company from the unexpected financial costs and damages associated with a lawsuit.

Learn More About Professional Liability.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Insurance is now more than ever vital for small businesses. During the pandemic, phishing and malware attacks increased by 350% from hackers targeting home-based businesses and companies with work-from-home users. Home-based or not, if your company collects personal information (credit card numbers, email addresses, customer data), you’re at risk of a cyber-attack. Cyber insurance helps cover the costs associated with potential hacks and data breaches.

Learn More About Cyber Liability.

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General Liability Insurance

Did you know that something as simple as a slip & fall in your premises, or in the parking lot, could bankrupt your business? As the intent of this policy is to cover allegations of negligence, we consider Commercial General Liability to be the business’ main operating liability policy. A number of other important coverages are also included within the CGL wording. This is why we feel every business should have a CGL policy – regardless of the product or service provided.

Learn More About General Liability.

Non Profit Directors and Officers

Directors & Officers Insurance

Employees and stakeholders today are aware of their rights more than ever and they aren’t afraid to exercise those rights with a lawsuit. Directors, Officers and management can be personally liable for their decisions and actions while sitting on a Board or during the course of employment. D&O Insurance transfers some of these risks to insurance.  Whether a for-profit or non-profit , D&O Liability goes a long way to mitigate the harsh impacts of a lawsuit.

Learn More About Directors & Officers Insurance

Traditional Quote

As Independent Insurance Brokers – we do the shopping for you. This option involves connecting with one of our experienced brokers that help you understand what insurance you actually need. Our broker will shop the insurance market for you – to provide you with options for the coverages and quotes available.

How It Works
  1.  Discuss your Business – Contact us or fill in the Get A Quote form. We get in touch to discuss all the details needed and send out any necessary applications to complete.
  2. Your Collis Broker shops the insurers for coverage & cost options for you.
  3. You and your Collis Broker discuss the best options.
  4. You choose the Policy/Coverage that is right for your business!

Online Quote

Our online quote packages and options are pre-negotiated with the insurers. This means that in less than 10 minutes you can successfully obtain a free quote, finalize your policy, pay for it, and recieve your documents, all without having to speak to a broker!

How It Works
  1. Review Online Insurance Product Information
  2. Press the ‘Get A Quote Online’ button on the product page, answer the questions and choose the different coverage / limits that are right for your business.
  3. Get your quote, makes changes to the options as needed.
  4. Finalize your policy, and pay securely.

What Our Clients Say

The level of service and dedication they have for each client is absolutley unreal! Your search for a fabulous insurance company is truly over!”

CSS Office Solutions

Andrea and her team have really helped us keep our insurance costs down while maintaining a high level of coverage. They are also very responsive when we have questions. Highly Recommended!”

Clever Canines

Small business insurance that works

As independent insurance brokers, we work for you to support your small business’ growth and prosperity. We help you obtain insurance(s) needed to safeguard your business. We can also provide additional information to assist you in managing your business’ unique risks at every stage as your business evolves.

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